Better Community investment


You say yes to every request that comes in the door because it feels right. But you realize your 'investments' aren't adding up to any impact, anywhere. You want to utilize your dollars to really make a difference in the communities you live and operate in while at the same time meeting corporate objectives, but just aren't sure how to put it all together.

Every company gives back to its community in some way or another. Some have very thoughtful plans and hire teams of people to assist in its CSR (Community Social Responsibility). Some companies know they should give back but do so with little plan and no measurement of success.

With a thorough understanding that you know what you want to support in your communities, and why, we are here to get you to a place where not only your people and your community can see your impact, but so can your bottom line.

Better Leaders

Leadership development programs

You've gone from 30 people to 200 in the last three years. You have more than a handful of people who have never been in management before and you're starting to see the effects of poor leadership in every aspect of your business including low retention levels, missed deadlines, frustration during and after meetings, and misaligned teams.

With experience and expertise around all forms leadership development projects, we offer a full array of customized programs that fit the needs of your growing organization.

Leadership development topics include:

  • Communicate better
  • Engage & Motivate
  • Effective Meetings & Meeting Management Training
  • Managing Time and Priorities
  • Team Development

We'll help you develop and implement:

  • Half day meeting facilitation workshops
  • Three day new leader courses covering business acumen, individual development and team development
  •  Year long, monthly, leadership programming to dive deep into all facets of leadership 

We'll work with you to find the programs that best suit the needs of your people, company, and objectives.

Better integration of people, projects, and programs

You know your business. We know people. We look to work with your company's strategic priorities and help bring leadership development, community investment, and your internal communications around them, together. This is meant to increase corporate social capital, employee engagement and allows your people to better understand why where they work is a great place to be not only for them, but the community around them.

Better Projects

Human capital project planning

You have the vision of an idea of how you want to engage your people and build your culture to positively impact your company's bottom line... you just don't have the time to put the pieces together and get it off the ground.

Engagement in the workplace is one of the top indicators of corporate success. We will work with you to examine your company's objectives and how best to re-focus the energy of your people to meet the growing demands of your industry.

We'll work with you to:

  • Define the scope of your project
  • Identify your project supporters
  • Determine the resources available to you
  • Create your timeline
  • Develop the plan and gated steps
  • Refine the plan based on current realities
  • Clearly communicate to stakeholders
  • Monitor and measure progress and impact
  • Close the project and evaluate its success

Better outreach progamming

Engage stakeholders and make an impact

You have an amazing idea to create a program that can impact people in a great way but you just can't get the idea off the ground or figure out how to show people what you're doing.

Both corporations and non-profits alike do amazing work in this world. How you engage the people that matter the most can be a tricky topic though. How you measure the impact you wish to have can be even trickier.

We'll use our experience building programs to assist you in gaining the traction you need to do big things!

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